Why Caring is a Competitive Advantage

Customers want to know one thing…do you really care or are you just trying to sell me something? Caring is not overrated. It’s the basis of building long-lasting relationships with customers who trust you. Providing a product or service is great, you’re meeting their need, but are you looking out for their best interest? And can you prove it? It’s great that you created something or started your own business, but if you want to really succeed you have to care about those who spend their hard-earned money to purchase your product or service.

What kind of experience are your customers having with your business? Do they leave feeling regret, or stuck with you, or do they feel happy and confident they made the right choice? Customers need three things in order to become devoted to your establishment: the price must equal or exceed their perceived value, they have to trust you, and your product or service must be convenient. But really, everything hinges on trust! If they don’t trust you, they won’t be back. Turning each sale and customer interaction into an experience that says, “We Care” is an investment in your business. And maybe you give them the extra “feel good” by letting them know how much you care about other things too, you’re a champion for humanity, support a local charity, or how your business is environmentally friendly. Caring is multifaceted and people actually like doing business with someone who is genuine.

1. Listening is caring. Conduct surveys. Give your customers a voice by providing outlets for them to be heard. Just this one gesture lets them know you’re interested in their input.

2. Communicating is caring. Stay in touch with customers lets them know you are mindful of them, their struggles, and how you can help. Be honest with them.

3. Responding is caring. I’m sorry, but if it takes you a week to call a client back you probably don’t care and they know it. Be responsive and timely.

We live in a time when automation and robocalls are accepted ways of doing business, so strive to keep your interactions with customers authentic. No one likes a fake. Hopefully, at OMS, our payroll customers know that above all else, we care. We are always looking out for their best interest and sometimes we even have to tell them to follow a path that leads away from us to a competitor because it just makes more sense. For us, the big picture has to include our customer’s long-term success. Their business is our #1 priority. We support entrepreneurs with behind-the-scene systems that help them soar.

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