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What Kind of Person Makes The Best Customer?

If you want to improve your customer service experience and save your organization a lot of time, it’s important to understand the difference between, who will make a good client and who won’t. OMS operates in the B2B space, we know which customers will be a good fit for us and we know who won’t. After years of observing entrepreneurs, we know which ones will sign on and love our services. Since 1997, our team has endured the best and worst of every kind of customer. Over time, we’ve learned a lot about the people who value our services the most. What do they want? What do they need? And why? At your business, you can know this too. Start by making a list of every quality you can think of that describes your current database of clients. What do they have in common? Also, make another list of customer fails. What do these personalities have in common?

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Why Caring is a Competitive Advantage

Customers want to know one thing…do you really care or are you just trying to sell me something? Caring is not overrated. It’s the basis of building long-lasting relationships with customers who trust you. Providing a product or service is great, you’re meeting their need, but are you looking out for their best interest? And can you prove it? It’s great that you created something or started your own business, but if you want to really succeed you have to care about those who spend their hard-earned money to purchase your product or service.

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