Why Should a P&C Agent Partner With a PEO?

Often Property & Casualty (P&C) agents think of Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) as their competition and rightfully so. A PEO, like OMS, provides small-to-medium-sized businesses with bundled services including HR, Payroll, Employee Benefits, and Workers’ Compensation Insurance, but partnering with the right PEO can provide several benefits for P&C agents and their clients:

  1. Expanded Service Offerings: By partnering with OMS, P&C agents can offer their clients a broader range of services beyond insurance, such as human resources management, payroll administration, built-in employee benefits, and risk management. This expanded portfolio can make the agent more valuable to clients and help differentiate them from competitors.
  2. Gain Revenue: Partnering with OMS can open up new revenue streams for agents. Being an affiliated agent means you can receive commissions from insurance products and payroll services.
  3. Enhanced Client Relationships: Offering comprehensive solutions through a PEO partnership can deepen the client’s trust and the longevity of the client relationship. Clients appreciate the forward-thinking solutions and convenience of having multiple services managed by a single source. OMS customer satisfaction is high with a 95% retention rate annually.
  4. Competitive Advantage: In a crowded marketplace, offering PEO services alongside traditional insurance products can give P&C agents a competitive edge. It allows them to offer alternatives that sometimes save the account from being lost to the competition or other PEOs.

Partnering with OMS can help P&C agents expand their service offerings, unlock new revenue opportunities, strengthen client relationships, and gain a competitive advantage. Collaborate with one of our expert PEO producers to get quotes, present, and onboard a new client. We invite agents to get to know our services and let us be a partner that protects your book of business and gives you the tools to compete. Be more, we can help.

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